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ICICI Bank - Emi under construction Interest Rates & Eligibility


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Loan for Commercial Properties

Office premises loan can be availed for an existing or new business. The entrepreneur can purchase, construct or extend their office premises with the loan money. It can also be used for the renovation of the property.

ICICI Bank Land Loan

A Land Loan is for people who want to buy land/plot for the purpose of constructing a property on it. It is great for investment purposes as you can avail another loan fromh ICICI along with this loan.

ICICI Bank Regular Home Loan

ICICI home loan can be availed for the purchase of a new or resale property and Home improvement loan is for the extension or renovation of an existing home.

EMI Under Construction - ICICI Bank

This loan can be availed to buy a property that is presently under construction. Builders offer minimum 20% lower rates for such properties.