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SBI - Maxgain Interest Rates & Eligibility

Rs. 20 lakhs and above


More Schemes

SBI Maxgain

SBI maxgain lets you keep your monthly savings in the overdraft of the home loan account and pull out money from the account anytime you need to.

SBI - Her Ghar

This is a home loan scheme designed to encourage women to own property, with the greater objective of empowering women.

SBI NRI Scheme

As the name suggests, this home loan scheme is designed specially for Non Residents of India (NRIs) or Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) who want to purchase or invest in property in India.

Yuva Home Loan

SBI YUVA home loan is a scheme for salaried applicants taking a home loan for the first time. This scheme allows a borrowing capacity 20% higher than normal home loans to fulfill your dreams faster.

SBI Realty

SBI REALTY is a loan for people who want to buy a plot/land. The basic condition is that the construction must begin within 2 years after the date of the loan being sanctioned.


PAL stands for ‘Pre Approved Loan’. Once the bank has checked your credibility, you can get a loan from them even before you have decided on the property.