53 People to follow on Twitter for Financial Updates & Advice

Updated on January 30, 20159 mins read

Do you wish to familiarize yourself with financial markets and its vagaries but didn’t know where to start? Do you want to know the important financial updates as they happen and their impact on your finances? We’ll tell you the simplest way to do so – follow these important Financial Influencers on Twitter. They share important stock market/ policy /economy updates along with important analysis and valuable opinions. Let’s get to know them better…

1. Ajit Ranade @ajit_ranade

Ajit Ranade is an Economist who is a self-confessed Twitter Addict. He tweets about various Economic topics and usually backs them with numbers.

 2. Alok C. Churiwala @alokgbc

Alok Churiwala is a Stock Market Analyst and Broker who likes educating people about markets. He is quite active on Twitter and shares Stock Market updates regularly.

3. Andy Mukherjee @andymukherjee70

Want to know the state of the economy in Singapore or Hongkong? Follow Andy Mukherjee on Twitter. He is a Columnist with Reuters Asia and shares his insights on the important economic developments in Asia.

4. Anil Kumar Tulisram @Anil_Tulsiram

An Independent Analyst, Anil Kumar Tulsiram, not only shares interesting stock analysis but also interesting quotes on Finance on his Twitter profile. Follow him to know more.

5. Anuj Singhal @_anujsinghal

As a Markets Editor at CNBC-TV18, Anuj Singhal is the man to follow on Twitter for updates on Quarterly Results of Corporates, Inflation numbers etc. just as soon as they are released.

6. Arun Jaitley @arunjaitley

The Finance Minister of India is quite active on Twitter. Follow Arun Jaitley to know the events he is attending and the important causes he is working towards. He also posts links of his latest interviews and articles on his Twitter profile.

7. Arvind Subramanian @arvindsubraman

Arvind Subramanian an Indian Economist and the current Chief Economic Adviser to the Government of India. He took charge of the position in October 2014 succeeding Raghuram Rajan. Follow him on Twitter to know his views on the hurdles in the way of India’s economic development and ways to overcome them.

8. Aswath Damodaran @AswathDamodaran

If you want to learn the basics of Equity, you must follow Aswath Damodaran. An Author of several Equity Valuation books, he is a professor and puts up various interesting financial insights and analysis on his Twitter profile.

9. Basant Maheshwari @BMTheEquityDesk

Basant Maheshwari is a full-time Investor who has also written a book on investing in the Indian Stock Market. The Founder of The EquityDesk and Basant’s Corner, he regularly shares tips for the #TheThoughtfulInvestor.

10. Bibek Debroy @bibekdebroy

An Economist, Bibek Debroy is a member of the newly instituted ‘Niti Aayog’ and has been recently conferred upon a Padma Shri. An Author, Professor and a Consulting Editor of Financial newspapers in the past, he is an important authority on Finance. He tweets on various interesting developments across the globe.

11. Bindu Ananth @binduananth

Bindu Ananth is the Chairperson of the IFMR Trust Group. She is a strong believer in #financialinclusion. She uses the social media platform to share important developments in micro-finance, rural banking and the Indian Financial System.

12. Debasis Basu @Moneylifers

A C.A. by profession and an Author, Debasis Basu is the Founder of Moneylife. Follow him to know the various financial rights of a consumer and tips to save more.

13. Deepak Shenoy @deepakshenoy

Deepak Shenoy is the Founder of Capital Mind where they analyse and crunch financial data and share usable insights. Follow him to understand the Stock Markets better.

14. Faye DSouza @fayedsouza

She is a popular Anchor and Editor of Personal Finance at ET NOW. Faye DSouza gives advice on how to make your own investment and savings plans. #market #stocks #investments#gold.

15. Ira Dugal @dugalira

Ira Dugal is the Assistant Managing Editor at Mint. She regularly shares news related to markets, banking and the economy on her Twitter profile.

16. Jayant Sinha @jayantsinha

The Union Minister of State for Finance, Jayant Sinha is a former Venture Capitalist. Follow him on Twitter to know his views on the economy, banks and governance.

17. Kaushik Basu @kaushikcbasu

Kaushik Basu is Senior Vice-President and Chief Economist of the World Bank. A Professor, he tweets on various topics including, global economies, prices of commodities, trade and policy changes among other things.

18. Kayezad E Adajania @kayezad

Kayezad Adajania’s Twitter profile is an interesting one since it has as many tweets on Mutual Funds as it does on Tennis! He is the Editor of Mutual Funds in Mint.

19. Latha Venkatesh @Latha_Venkatesh

Market expert Latha Venkatesh is Executive Editor for CNBC TV18. An authority on the Banking Sector, she is the one to follow to get updates and opinions on RBI notifications, policy changes, currency fluctuations and other important developments in the markets.

20. Mahesh @invest_mutual

Mahesh is a Financial Planner and coach. He conducts Financial Planning and Investor awareness workshops. He shares his views on the stock markets ups and downs on his Twitter profile. He also tweets in Sanskrit!

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21. Manoj Nagpal @NagpalManoj

Manoj Nagpal is a Financial Services Professional who is the CEO of Outlook Asia Capital. He is a Columnist for ET Wealth. Follow him on Twitter to know more on Mutual Funds and banking regulations.

22. Menaka Doshi @menakadoshi

Menaka Doshi is a well-known journalist and Executive Editor @CNBCTV18. She is the anchor of ‘The Firm’ – a TV show on corporate law and M&A. Follow her to know the important ‘breaking news’ from the corporate world.

23. Mohit Satyanand @mohitsatyanand

Mohit Satyanand is an Entrepreneur, Investor, and Economy-Watcher. He tweets regularly about the recent developments in the economy.

24. Monika Halan @monikahalan

She is the Director on FPSB India Board and is a well-known authority on money and markets. A Certified Financial Planner, Monika Halan is the Editor of MintMoney and advocates financial literacy. She tweets about all things finance. #dejargon

25. Nachiket Mor @nachiketmor

Nachiket Mor is the Chairperson of CARE India. He is also on the Boards of RBI and CRISIL. He writes about financial security and rural banking among other topics of economic importance.

26. Nirmala Sitharaman @nsitharaman

Follow the Union Minister of State, Commerce and Industry (Independent Charge) Government of India, Nirmala Sitharaman to get regular updates on the important issues affecting the economy. Interestingly, some of her tweets are in Telugu!

27. Pankaj Jain @pjain

Pankaj Jain is a Venture Partner at @500Startups. He tweets regularly about the developments in the Venture Capital and Private Equity space.

28. Parag Parikh @paragparikh

A Certified Financial Planner, Parag Parikh is an authority in Behavioural Finance. He is Chairman and CEO, PPFAS Long Term Value Fund. He shares nuggests on the behaviours of successful investors on his Twitter profile.

29. Porinju @porinju

Porinju is the Founder and CEO of Equity Intelligence India Ltd. and is a SEBI regd. Portfolio Manager and Value Investor. He believes that Equity is the best investment option. Follow him to know all about bulls, bears, blue-chip stocks and market-caps…

30. Prem Khatri @cafemutual

Prem Khatri runs Cafemutual, a meeting point for all mutual fund professionals. Follow him to get the latest news and insights on Mutual Funds #Mutualfund #AMC #Advisors

31. Rajeev Mantri @RMantri

An Entrepreneur, a Venture Capitalist, Fund Manager, Writer, Policy Wonk and Mint Columnist, Rajeev Mantri tweets regularly on important economic developments.

32. Rajeev Thakkar @RajeevThakkar

Rajeev Thakkar is an Investment Manager with a Value Investment focus. A self-confessed Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger Fan, he tweets on latest developments in the world of Financial Markets.

33. Rajiv Kumar @RajivKumar1

Former Secretary General of FICII India, Rajiv Kumar is an Economist and Author. He shares his personal views on economic issues on Twitter. He rarely re-tweets.

34. Sadique Neelgund @SadiqueNeelgund

An MBA and Certified Financial Planner, Sadique Neelgund is the Founder and Editor of NetworkFP.com which is an online publication and conducts professional training programs for financial planners in India. Follow him to get insights on Mutual Funds and Stock Markets.

35. Samir Arora @Iamsamirarora 

Samir Arora is a Financial Services Professional who is the Founder and Fund Manager at Helios Capital Management Pte. Ltd. He is a regular on Twitter, sharing valuable investment advice. Follow him and follow his advice!

36. Sandip Sabharwal @sandipsabharwal

A Fund Manager, Sandip Sabharwal provides financial advice on asksandipsabharwal.com for members. For free advice, follow him on Twitter! Instead of sharing links or re-tweeting, he uses the social media platform to voice his personal opinions on various topics like RBI rate-cut, Gold prices, U.S. Stock Markets etc.

37. Sanjay Bakshi @Sanjay__Bakshi

Sanjay Bakshi is the Managing Partner at ValueQuest Capital LLP. He teaches “Behavioral Finance and Business Valuation (BFBV)” to MBA students at MDI Gurgaon. He tweets about all things #moat, shares interesting insights on markets and suggests good books to read.

38. Shankar Bhatt @shankarbhatt

He is an Independent Financial Advisor with more than a decade of experience in Indian Stock, Bond and Mutual Fund markets. Shankar Bhatt expresses his opinions on various topics including those on financial markets. You will also find interesting quotes on his Twitter Profile.

39. Shefali Anand @shefalianand

Shefali Anand is the Markets and Finance Editor, for The Wall Street Journal in India. She tweets about money and markets among other interesting topics.

40. Shyam Sekhar @shyamsek

An Entrepreneur and a self-confessed Investment Thinker, Shyam Sekhar’s tweets on various stock market jargons in a very creative fashion. Follow him to know what I mean.

41. Sonia Shenoy @sonias24

Sonia Shenoy is a popular Financial Markets Anchor on CNBC TV18. Follow her to get updates on markets, corporate results, important policy announcements etc. as they happen.

42. Subir Gokarn @SubirGokarn

Subir Gokarn is currently the Director of Research, @BrookingsIndia. He has held reputed positions as the Deputy Governor of RBI and Chief Economist @Standard and Poor’s (SandP ) Asia-Pacific and CRISIL. Follow him on Twitter for easy access to the columns he has written on various economic aspects.

43. Sucheta Dalal @suchetadalal

The Managing Editor of Moneylife, Sucheta Dalal is a Padma Shri awardee for journalism in 2006. She is an advocate of customer rights and is dedicated towards getting people to save. Follow her on Twitter to know her views on various topics including Personal Finance.

44. Sunil Jain @thesuniljain

Sunil Jain is the Managing Editor, The Financial Express. Follow him on Twitter to read about interesting and important financial developments as they occur. You can also get easy access to interesting articles that appear in Financial Express and Financial Times on visiting his Twitter profile.

45. Suresh Sadagopan @SureshSadagopan

Follow Suresh Sadagopan on Twitter for financial advice. He is a Certified Financial Planner, Columnist and the Founder of Ladder7 Financial Advisories.

46. Surjit Bhalla @surjitbhalla

A reputed Economist, Surji Bhalla is the Chairman of Oxus Investments, an emerging market advisory firm. He was an appointed member of the National Statistical Commission of India (2007-2009). He is an Author of four books on globalization. Follow him on Twitter and learn how to become financially literate.

47. Tejus Sawjiani @tejus_sawjiani

Tejus Sawjiani is a Private Investor and a self-confessed ‘connoisseur of fat tail events’. All first-time investors should follow him on Twitter to learn more about markets and the way they behave.

48. Uday Kotak @udaykotak

A famed banker, Uday Kotak shares the banker’s views on RBI policies. Follow the CEO, Kotak Mahindra Bank for banking developments across the world.

49.  Uday Tharar @udaytharar

Uday Tharar is an Economist in an Emerging Markets Investment Fund. His Twitter profile is full of colourful graphs and pie-charts on important economic parameters. Follow him to get market insights backed by facts and figures.

50. Vetri Subramaniam @VetriSmv

The Chief Investment Officer at Religare Invesco Asset Management Company, Vetri Subramaniam shares his views on market developments. He also gives valuable financial advice on Twitter for free!

51. Vijay Pahwa @Vijay_Pahwa

Vijay Pahwa is a stock investor, management consultant, and also a doctor. Follow him on Twitter for living a balanced life – health-wise and money-wise!

52. Vishal Khandelwal @safalniveshak

Vishal Khandelwal is the founder of safalniveshak.com. He helps small investors become independent and smarter in their decision making.Follow him on Twitter for valuable investment advice.

53. Vivek Kaul @kaul_vivek

Follow Vivek Kaul on Twitter for important price-sensitive news updates. The author of the ‘Easy Money’ book trilogy and an ex-Finance Editor, he shares detailed insights on important issues on his blog teekhapan.wordpress.com.

All you Tweeple out there, Follow these Financial Advisors now! Get ready to deal with the Fin-Feed coming your way. For those who are not on Twitter, you should join today.[/content_locker]


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