Mobile Number Portability Across India!

Updated on February 12, 20182 mins read

  Here’s some exciting news for all mobile users!

With effect from 3rd May 2015, you will now be able to port your number across India. This means that you can not only  retain the same number on moving to another state but can also change your service provider anytime you like. This will soon be put to effect due TRAI’s latest regulation, directing all service providers to implement MNP across India with no extra charges.

Currently, users are allowed to do MNP only within a telecom circle, which in most cases is limited to a state. This new regulation will eliminate the hassle of buying an new mobile connection every time you shift to another state or service area.

In a statement, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) said that it has “issued sixth amendment to the Telecommunication Mobile Number Portability Regulation, 2009, which will facilitate full Mobile Number Portability (MNP) in the country, with effect from May 3, 2015.”

Although the implementation of  it on a large poses a challenge, this amendment is set to make our lives much easier.

TRAI has issued 2 more amendments relating to default payments: 

1. If a subscriber porting out of  a network, defaults on payments, then the operator will have to give a notice within 30 days from due date of payment and after a lapse of 60 days, the donor operator will not be entitled to raise the issue of non-payment.

2. The recipient operator (the network a subscriber choses to port to) will have to give a notice period of 15 days to the subscriber to pay the default payments, failing which it can disconnect the service.

 Further, TRAI has launched a new Android app to collect feedback from subscribers on their service providers.

So you can now anonymously register and provide feedback about your service provider. This will help TRAI standardize and monitor the quality of service provided by various telecom companies. As per existing regulations, telecom service providers can be fined up to Rs. 50,000 if they fail to provide services as promised. This provides users with an easy way to make their voice heard.

Though the app hasn’t been uploaded to Google Playstore yet, you can download it here and manually install it on your device.

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