9 Facebook Groups that will help you earn Extra Money

Updated on November 29, 20182 mins read

Are you ambitious and want to supplement your current income? Are you a student who craves for financial independence? Are you a new mother looking to re-enter the work-force after a break? Do you want to take little steps towards your passion and then take the final plunge? For all of you who are looking at part-time or freelance job opportunities, you should check out the 11 Facebook groups mentioned below. A lot of small and big organizations are increasingly turning to Social Media Platforms to post job vacancies. You could find openings in the fields of Content Writing, Graphic Design, Event Management etc. Hope you find a great job suiting your specific needs.  

Media Jobs Daily (India)

Media Jobs Daily  India


This facebook group is a very active one and posts are put out frequently alerting the members of recent media jobs requirements. Its the perfect place to start for content writers, graphic designer and marketing enthusiasts.  

Digital Media: Jobs, Internships and freelance projects

Digital Media  Jobs  Internships and freelance projects Join this forum to get to know of freelance projects and internships in Digital as well as Print Media.  

Content Writers

Content Writers This FB community is most suited for those who want to get experience in developing content for advertising, brand management, promotion and digital marketing.  

Article Writers Club

Article Writers Club All you budding writers out there should join this group. You could find an exciting opportunity to get your writing published.  

Content Writers Forum

Content Writers Forum Enjoy writing articles and are looking for places to get them published? You could try your luck by posting in this FB group.  

Creative Freelancers India

Creative Freelancers India Freelance jobs in various fields like design, content, photography, digital, events and models are posted in this active forum. Seek and you shall find it here… fingers crossed!  


GoMediaJobs This forum provides full-time and part-time jobs for aspiring media professionals.  

FCP Video Editors Jobs (INDIA)

Video Editors Jobs  INDIA You like videos and would want to try your hand at creating or editing them? You should use this forum as a medium to follow your dream.  

Freelance Event Managers in India

Freelance Event Managers In India Various job postings for aspiring freelance event manager are available here. You will need permission to join some of the groups. Sifting through the various posts in these groups may be time-consuming. It is also advisable to carry out necessary background checks. But you may just find the right opportunity to fulfill your dreams! Best of luck!


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