Is there a right age to take a Home Loan?

Updated on December 5, 20181 min read

Buying a house is a one-shot decision for many of us with the escalating prices of property and the high interest rates in the market. The question that glares us in the face is when? When is it the right time to take a home loan? Well, the earlier you start the better! Early savings and investments are highly recommended. The Indian real estate market is growing and it is wiser to take a home loan when you’re younger as compared to after retirement. However, age is only one of the criteria that banks consider when sanctioning a home loan. Your earning capacity, job stability, credit history, co-applicants and many other factors will play a major role when it comes to evaluation for your loan eligibility. The banking systems have evolved over the years to suit your financial needs at different stages of your life to help fulfill your dreams! Here is an infographic highlighting how a right age impacts the home loans available for you, Looking for a detailed read? Read here. home_loan_for_all7_txtedited

Aditya Mishra

Aditya Mishra

Aditya has a Post Graduate Diploma in Finance and strategy from IIM Bangalore. He comes with rich experience in the field of strategic investments, venture capital and technology. During his nearly 7 year stint at TCS, Aditya gained deep experience in start ups and exploring new technologies and business models. As director innovation partner Network, Aditya identified start ups with innovative technologies and incubated them to maturity. Aditya's deep understanding of upcoming ubiqutous computing trends helped TCS make strategic investment decisions in this area. As head of sales West India, Aditya spear headed new collaborations for TCS in the banking and financial services space. With a zest for start ups and new innovations, Aditya co-founded Headstart Netwrok Foundation in the year 2007. This is a non profit organisation that promotes entrepreneurship. Aditya founded SwitchME in the year 2012. SwitchME was a pioneer in the field of specialised home loan advisory, conveniently based on an online platform. Today SwitchME has helped over 1000 customers with new home loans and balance transfers right at their doorsteps.

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