Nidhi Maini

Nidhi is a reular content contributor for SwitchME. She comes with a Masters in Business Management in finance from Dayalbagh educational institute. She started her career in the operations division at ICICI bank. Nidhi then moved on to Axis Bank as a Deputy Manager. Her experince in Banking institution gave Nidhi an up-close experience of banking, financial services and needs of banking customers. Nidhi has been steering her own career with freelance content writing ever since. Her content experience spans finance, credit and home loans.

  • time February 17, 2017
    Topics Home Loan
    RBI guidelines for Home Loan

    Updated: January, 2018 RBI is the Central Bank of the country and frames the policies for lending and deposits in India apart from carrying out other important functions. Thus all policies related to loans are also laid down ...

  • time February 17, 2017
    Topics Home Loan
    RBI allows 90% loan to value ratio on home loans up to Rs 30 lakh

    In October 2015, a change was announced in the RBI home loan policy. This change was made to make buying a house in the affordable category easier. As per the changed guideline, the LTV ratio ...

  • time March 26, 2016
    Topics Home Loan , New
    Buying A House Checklist #2 – A New Home Loan

    Earlier in this series, we have written about Finalizing a Property. We now try to bring sense to the madness of taking a new home loan! Home loans are big commitments that run for a long time ...