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    time March 12, 2015
    Mobile Number Portability Across India!

      Here’s some exciting news for all mobile users! With effect from 3rd May 2015, you will now be able to port your number across India. This means that you can not only  retain the same number on moving to another ...

    time March 3, 2015
    Union budget 2015-16: 14% Service Tax can go up to 16%!

    So you thought the service tax was hiked to 14%? Well, thanks to the Swachh Bharat initiative it might become as high as 16%! Yes, you read that right. In the union budget announced on Saturday, service tax was increase from 12.36% to 14%, ...

    time February 12, 2015
    Topics Home Loan
    Understanding Second Mortgage Home Loans

    Do you need extra financing urgently but personal loans are way over your budget? Here’s a way out. The trend of taking second mortgage home loans is fast catching up among borrowers, owning to the ease of processing and ...