• time June 7, 2016
    Topics Home Loan , New , Review , SBI
    SBI Flexipay Loan: 4 Terms You Must Know

    Recently, we reviewed SBI Flexi Pay home loan to help first-time borrowers. While studying Flexi Pay, we realized that there are a lot of terms borrowers might not be familiar with. To help you get a crystal clear understanding of ...

  • time June 3, 2016
    Topics Home Loan , New , SBI
    SBI Flexi Pay Loan Review

    SBI Flexi Pay is a home loan scheme that let’s you to take a loan 20% higher than your eligibility. In this article, we review the various aspects of Flexi Pay so that new loan borrowers can make ...

    time December 30, 2013
    Topics Home Loan , Review , SBI , Schemes
    SBI Maxgain Home Loan: Review

    (Updated March 2018) For those who see home loan re-payment as a pain each month, ‘Maxgain Home Loan’, offered by the State Bank of India is a convenient way to save and reduce your interest burden. Simply by ...