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Here are some of the most frequent queries about switching your electricity provider.

  1. Common Queries

    Transferring your electricity connection can take between 15 to 30 working days, depending on the time respective power providers take to process your request.
    Once you sign up, our team does all the legwork for you. We pick up the documents from your home and submit them on your behalf, saving you the effort of standing in long ques and making several visits.
    There are no charges. However, if you are switching to TATA Power, you will have to pay them a security deposit.
    Yes. In this case, you must have a sanction letter and a letter stating that the documents are with the bank.
    No, a copy of the original documents is sufficient to initiate the process. However, if you are applying for a change in ownership name, then it is a must to provide original documents.
  2. Eligibility for switching

    If you live in the Mumbai Suburbs, you have a choice between Reliance Energy and Tata Power. Mumbai Suburb here means Bandra to Borivili on western side, sion to Powai on central side and up to Bhandup on Harbor side. It does not include Navi Mumbai. If you’re in the island city of Mumbai, you have a choice between BEST and Tata Power. However, this is switching between the two is currently not possible due to a case pending at the Supreme Court.
  3. Common Issues that prevent switching and Workarounds

    In this case, you will need to get the meter transferred in your name before the process is initiated.
    First you will need to get the meter transferred in your name, only then you can initiate the process for transferring your connection.
    Yes it is necessary for the agreements to be registered, without which the application to switch will get rejected.
    In a case where agreement is not registered, you can either get it registered or have the premise owner initiate the switching process.
    The best way is to have the premise owner apply for the switch.
  4. Security Deposit

    The current power provider adjusts the outstanding amount of your next bill against the security deposit and sends you a check for the remaining amount. The check usually arrives a month after the bill.
    Yes, a security deposit has to be paid to the new provider. Without this, switching application would get rejected. Currently, there is no mechanism in place for security deposit to move from one provider to another.