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Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited

Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited is the second largest private housing finance company in India. ... They are a part of the Indiabulls Group, and was established in 1999. Indiabulls has 220 branches across over 100 towns and cities, and also has a presence in Dubai and the UK. Read More +

Interest Rates

Loan Amount Interest Rate
0 to 35 Lakhs 7.55% (women) - 7.6% (others)
35 Lakhs to 75 lakhs 7.8% (women) - 7.85% (others)
75 Lakhs to 1.5 Crores 7.8% (women) - 7.85% (others)
1.5 to 5 Crore 7.8% (women) - 7.85% (others)
5 crore and above 7.8% (women) - 7.85% (others)
Loan Amount Interest Rate
0 to 35 Lakhs 7.95% (women) - 8% (others)
35 Lakhs to 75 lakhs 8.45% (women) - 8.5% (others)
75 Lakhs to 1.5 Crores 8.45% (women) - 8.5% (others)
1.5 to 5 Crore 8.45% (women) - 8.5% (others)
5 crore and above 8.45% (women) - 8.5% (others)

Product offerings

Indiabulls Home Loan

It is a loan that is available to anyone who wishes to purchase a property so long as they match the eligibility criteria. Anyone who fits the eligibility criteria can apply for the loan. Having said that, Indiabulls offers concessionary rates for women applicants.

Why should you take it?

Indiabulls offers a transparent application procedure, and an easy documentation process. They also offer a choice between fixed and flexible interest rates, giving you a greater choice in the process. Additionally, they are also a builder, enabling you to avail a home loan faster than any other institute if you purchase a property with them.

What should you consider?

Largely, while the post disbursement service is good, there have been instances when the customer service was unresponsive.

NRI Home Loans

It is a home loan for anyone who is a Non Resident Indian (NRI) or a Person of Indian Origin (PIO). Anyone who is an NRI or PIO based in either Dubai or in the United Kingdom can avail the Indiabulls NRI Home Loan.

Why should you take it?

One big advantage is that they will help you with filing documents and even while selecting a property. They also have an office in Dubai and in London, which makes face to face interaction easier. Additionally, they offer this loan to both self employed and salaried people which some institutions (LIC HFL, for instance) do not.

What should you consider?

Bear in mind that even though they guide you through the property selection process, they are also a real estate developer. Additionally, at times their customer service has been reviewed negatively. These loans are also only available for Dubai and UK based NRIs or PIOs.

Home Improvement Loans

It is a loan offered to anyone who wants to conduct renovations to their home. Anyone who matches the eligibility criteria can avail the loan.

Why should you take it?

The advantages of this loan are the same as the advantages of taking any loan from Indiabulls - a transparent application process, and a speedy documentation process.

What should you consider?

The maximum duration of the loan can only be 15 years whereas some other institutes like Indiabulls offer the same loan for a period of 30 years.

Home Extension Loan

It is a loan offered by Indiabulls for the extension of your housing space - building of an additional room, for instance. It is for anyone who fits the eligibility criteria. This is dependent on multiple factors but for this specific loan - a factor that will be considered is the age of the property at the time of maturity of the loan.

Why should you take it?

Indiabulls offers a speedy and transparents application process when compared to state owned lenders. You can apply for the loan either individually or jointly, however, all owners of the property have to be co-applicants for the loan.

What should you consider?

Reportedly poor customer service in certain cases post disbursements of loans.

Plot Loan

It is a loan offered to anyone who wishes to purchase a plot with a view of building a residential property there. Anyone who matches the eligibility criteria can avail the loan.

Why should you take it?

A quick and easy application process is one of the big advantages of going with Indiabulls as your home loan provider. Additionally, they help you through the application process.

What should you consider?

While most cases of customer service have been good, the biggest complaint is that post disbursement, the customer service deteriorates.

Loan Against Property

It is a loan that is offered against the mortgage of your property. Typically it is for anyone participating in a small or medium sized business, a partnership firm, or a private company. Self-employed professionals can also avail this loan.

Why should you take it?

A quick and transparent application process is one of the advantages of choosing Indiabulls as your home loan provider.

What should you consider?

The interest rates are a higher for this loan compared to other providers like State Bank of India.

Rural Home Loans

It is a loan that can be availed for the purchase of property in a rural or a semi-urban area. Anyone who wants to purchase property in a rural or a semi-urban area and meets the eligibility criteria can avail this loan.

Why should you take it?

Any easy application process, and flexible repayment plans are some of the big advantages of availing a loan from Indiabulls. Additionally, they offer both fixed and floating interest rates thereby providing you more choice.

The interest rate options for you depends on your loan amount

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Income is the primary criteria based on which your eligibility is determined. Naturally, income primarily refers to disposable income. So, most banks and NBFCs deduct any sort of fixed monthly commitments (EMIs on car loans or tax payments, for example) from their calculations.

Your loan eligibility is calculated by the EMI/NMI ratio: NMI basically refers to Net Monthly Income (income after deducting monthly commitments). Lenders typically have a fixed EMI/NMI ratio for different income slabs based on which your eligibility is calculated.

Credit History and CIBIL Score

Credit History and CIBIL scores are important criterion when it comes to determining elibility. SBI using certain proprietary tools, look for specific patterns in your credit history. The last twelve months of your credit history are more important than the preceding time period.

Credit scores or CIBIL scores are determined by how well you manage your loan or credit obligations. If you’ve never missed a loan payment and keep on top of credit card bills, your credit score will be higher. Usually, credit scores range between 300 and 900; a credit score of above 700 is required for a home loan.

Rather confusingly, if you’ve never taken a loan or a credit card before, your credit score is likely to be low. Why is this? It’s because lenders have no idea about your ability to repay loans. Build a credit score by responsible management of credit before applying for a home loan.


Banks look at the property you’re investing in carefully when approving a home loan. Among the things that SBI looks at when investigating the property are:

  1. Whether the title to the property is clear and whether there are any other claimants or if there is any dispute regarding the property.
  2. Whether all the necessary regulatory approvals have been taken. Absence of approvals is looked at as suppression of property records.
  3. Whether the building is constructed as per approved building norms. If the property flouts certain guidelines, there is a tendency to devalue that property when compared to other properties in the same area.

Documents Required

kyc proof
KYC Documents
  1. Application with photograph
  2. ID Proof
  3. Residence Proof
income proof
Income Proof
  1. Residence Proof
  2. Latest salary slip(for salaried applicants)
  3. Form 16(for salaried applicants)
  4. IT returns for the last 2 years along with computation of income certified by CA(for non salaried applicants)
  5. 6 months bank statement
property documents
Property Documents
  1. Agreement of Sale
  2. Registration and stamp duty receipt
  3. Index - II
  4. Noc from builder
  5. Own Contribution Receipt(OCR)

Fees and Charges

The processing fee charged is .50% of the loan amount.

Description Charges
Processing Fees Upto Rs 30 lacs - Upto Rs 10,000
Rs 30.01 lacs to Rs 300 lacs - Upto 0.50%
Over Rs 300 lacs - 0.50% to 1.00%
Legal Opinion Charges, SRO Search Charges, ROC Search Charges , Non-Encumbrance Certificate from SRO charges NIL, included in the Processing fee
Transaction Handling charges in Balance Transfer / Resale Home Loans Rs. 2500/-
Technical Valuation charges NIL, included in the Processing fee
PDC / ECS Dishonour Charges Rs. 250/- (Home Loans), Nil on Representation of ECS / PDC
Late Payment Charges 24% per Annum of Outstanding EMI
PDC/ECS Swapping charges NIL
Retrieval charges for Copies of loan /property document in IB custody Emailing of Scan Copies: NIL ,Physical copies with IB attestation: Rs 500/-
Charges for Statement Of Account / Amortization Schedule Rs.200/-
Registration Charges for Borrowers’ECS Mandate (loan repayment) NIL
Income Tax Certificate in Home Loans NIL
Compliant handling Charges NIL
Charges for Certified True Copies of Title Deeds from SRO , if applicable. As per Actual
Stamping charges of loan Agreement As per Actual, subject to state laws-where fixed charges irrespective ofloan amount: provided by IB-where ad-valorem charges as a function of loan amount: to be procured by borrower directly.
Stamping charges of other legal documents like Indemnity Bond, Legal Undertakings,Legal Affidavits, Personal Guarantee Bond, Power of Attorney for NRI Home Loans etc. As per Actual, subject to state laws-to be procured by borrower directly
Original property documents retrieval for specific activity like production at SRO or Development Authority (on borrower request) Rs. 5000/-
Database Admin Fee Rs 650/- (inclusive of service tax)

How to Apply

Once you’ve shortlisted Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited as your home loan provider, ensure you have all your documents in place. Make sure you confirm the eligibility criteria for that specific loan and source the down payment. You can apply for a loan either jointly or individually.


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4.7 stars
Abhijeet Deshpande
Since I wanted a professional & personalized service which could save my time, I went ahead and registered with SwitchMe. Their executives are extremely professional, understanding and helpful while being very knowledgeable. Extremely happy with the service, would recommend to anyone looking to switch their home loan.
Pallav Sharma
I had effortless experience to shift my loan from one bank to another. Thanks to SwitchMe team for constantly followed up with me, keeping me updated on all the events happened during the whole process.
Ashwini Ravindran
It was really wonderful to work with such dedicated and hardworking team. Not knowing how to transfer an existing home loan, we are glad we reached out to switch me. You guys are really very helpful. Thanks a ton and continue the same :)

Home Loan Top Up

A top up loan is for anyone who wants to “top up” their home loan with additional funding to cover for unexpected cost increases. A top up loan from Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited is based on the balance principal outstanding. So for instance, if your original home loan was worth Rs 10,00,000 and you have Rs 8,00,000 outstanding, you are eligible for a top up loan worth Rs 2,00,000. Please keep in mind that you’ll need to have completed atleast six months worth of EMI payments to be eligible for a top up loan. Also, the interest rate is 1-3% higher than a regular home loan but is significantly less when compared to a personal loan.

Balance Transfer to Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited

The general process to transfer your home loan takes a fair amount of time, but is worth it if you find that Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited offers you a lower rate of interest. Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited is slightly less stringent with documentation when compared to a state run institute.
  1. Get a foreclosure letter from your current home loan provider, along with payment history and list of your documents.
  2. Apply to Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited with the list of documents.
  3. The bank typically does a background check on credit history, ownership and more before they provide approval.
  4. Lastly, you complete the documentation stage with your existing bank and Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited, and you are good to go.
Typically, every bank that you're transferring out of will have foreclosure charges which is usually around Rs 500+GST. Please confirm with your bank.