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Suvam Nandi
“Customer oriented thinking from the SwitchMe team and especially Field Executive Irfan Basha. They are amazing and words aren't enough to describe his dedication, sincerity and helpful nature.”

Suvam Nandi, Bangalore
Saved Rs. 32,92,950

“The team at SwitchMe were fantastic, always on the ball and thorough in terms of movement of documents, which allowed me to switch loan providers with minimum running around and worry - their service is worth every rupee, surprised they don't charge more than they do.”

Kunal Rakshit, Mumbai
Saved Rs. 27,24,365

SBI    HDFC Ltd.
Prasad Sakpal
“You guys came and literally saved me! Words are not enough to thank the team, but you made the unimaginable happen”

Prasad Sakpal, Mumbai
Saved Rs. 10,53,900

IndiaBulls    LIC HFL
Sunil Kumar
“SwitchMe has worked very genuinely and I know I will reap the benefits in the long run. It has reduced my headache since I was stuck with DHFL for a long time.”

Sunil Kumar, Bangalore
Saved Rs. 5,53,000

Sunil Chaturvedi
“With the help of SwitchMe advisor the loan switch was done seamlessly. The dedicated field executive who provided doorstep service for document collection and submission. The switch was very cost effective as well.”

Sunil Chaturvedi, Mumbai
Saved Rs. 22,83,142

Sharad Raut
“I was fearful about SBI bank demands , but SwitchMe team help me for understand SBI need. Your head office follow up of customer & your on role coordinator. Surely for Home loan transfer I'll recommend.”

Sharad Raut, Pune
Saved Rs. 5,67,197

Axis Bank    SBI
Sudesh Sawant
“Initially I did not have trust on SwitchMe, but the team gained that trust by its efforts & successfully transferred my home loan. Follow up for documents is my favorite part about SwitchMe.”

Sudesh Sawant, Mumbai
Saved Rs. 1,99,111

Reliance Housing Finance    SBI
Nikunj Nangalia
“Thanks for your services. I am really satisfied with same and want to recommend your service to my colleagues."

Nikunj Nangalia, Delhi
Saved Rs. 6,76,632

Manoj Kumar Juturu
“Usually loan transfer agents take a lot money, but its not the case with SwitchMe. They have done loan transfer with very nominal fee and professional way.
SwitchMe personnel knows about loan switching process efficiently. They have given proper communication and ease in switching my loan from LIC HFL to SBI. Irfan from SwitchMe has helped out at each step and courteously took care of Loan switch. Very good experience and money saving.”

Manoj Kumar Juturu, Bangalore
Saved Rs. 12,64,038

Prakash Jadhav
“I am happy to say that SwitchMe is a genuine firm. They give proper folder to gather the documents and do regular follow-up with client.”

Prakash Jadhav, Kalyan-Dombivali
Saved Rs. 9,73,535

SBI    Bank of Baroda

Most Common Fears

"Long delays in loan switching process"

"Agents take a lot of money"

"Bank demands lot of paper-work"

“Thanks for your support. Advisors assigned to me, Gloria and Mohammed Irfan help was really appreciable. I am sending your number to couple of my friends who are also in a process of shifting the bank loan accounts.”

Dinesh Naik, Bangalore
Saved Rs. 8,14,720

“I was surfing the possibility of Home Loan switch to SBI Maxgain and came across your website and got super excited (as if a small boy found a hidden candy!) and signed up and paid the fees instantly.
Reason for signup was based on the fact that all the paperwork will be taken care by your team and I don’t have to run around taking leave from my office to convert the home loan. I am very impressed by your end-to-end services for switching the Home Loan. Great Job!”

Abhijeet Roychoudhury, Pune
Saved Rs. 8,60,044

Axis Bank    SBI
"Switchme made the entire process very easy even though I stay in Pune and the loan process was in Mumbai.
Abhishek, Sundar and Raju were always very helpful and ready to support any time. I will recommend SwitchMe to all my friends and family members. Very good experience.”

Sachin Srivastava, Mumbai
Saved Rs. 22,68,742


What is the best thing about SwitchMe

“SwitchMe personnel know the loan processes and made it seamless for me”

“Your executive Sumit Shitole really helped speeding up the process. He collected documents, submitted the file, booked appointments very quickly. I have already recommended to 2 colleagues.”

Mayur Tale, Pune
Saved Rs. 14,54,087

“Thank you !!! "SwitchMe" team for your entire support during the process of loan transfer from documents pick up, process, query resolve, time to time feedback, sanction & finally disbursement. If I think to do this process by myself specifically in city like Mumbai, the same would not be as easy or simple that you guys make it.”

Sujeet Baghel, Mumbai
Saved Rs. 2,74,745

“Thanks for all the help in getting the home loan switch process. It was pretty smooth and all the communications were very courteous. I would definitely recommend others who are planning to switch. Special thanks to their executive, Irfan for all the work he put in.”

Girish Setty, Bangalore
Saved Rs. 7,83,739

“I really appreciate your timely support and the efforts. Special thnx to Mr. Raju Gaskanti for his help.”

Krishnjit Tawte, Kalyan-Dombivali
Saved Rs.18,92,861


Why our customers are bringing their friends and family onboard?

"SwitchMe made handling home loans simple"

Smruti Prem
“I just gave them the documents SwitchMe asked for, signed the forms, and visited bank for signing the agreement with SBI after loan sanction. Thanks for the smooth service.”

Smruti Prem, Vasai-virar
Saved Rs. 10,41,905

Inder R Arora
“Thanks to SwitchMe, who based on their experience were able to get me the home loan from SBI so quickly.”

Inder R Arora, Delhi
Took a Home Loan from SBI
“Thanks for your services. My home loan successfully transferred and SwitchMe help me a grateful saving of my EMI. They have given proper communication and ease in switching my loan from DHFL to Bank of Baroda. I will definitely recommend this service to my friends.”

Rahul Nalawade, Navi Mumbai
Saved Rs. 3,20,621

DHFL    Bank of Baroda
Aditya Ranganath
“SwitchMe provided a fantastic professional service to me in transferring my home loan from LICHFL to SBI which I thought would never happen considering SBI's stringent requirements. But they persisted and helped me in getting this transfer done.”

Aditya Ranganath, Bangalore
Saved Rs. 1,02,068

Rahul Prajapati
“Thanks to SwitchMe team, especially Abhishek. They got my loan transferred despite of many objections from SBI.”

Rahul Prajapati, Mumbai
Saved Rs. 12,94,650

Nasir Mulla
“I sincerely thank you for the excellent support and service that I have received from SwitchMe – I would like to extend the appreciation specially to my Home Loan Counsellor, Raju who has been extremely helpful. He has been instrumental in ensuring that the entire process was seamless and without any hassles.”

Nasir Mulla, Mumbai
Saved Rs. 4,18,588

“SwitchMe helped me in a very smooth transition of loan from BOI to SBI with minimal efforts from me. The entire team is very supportive and proactively kept me updated on the progress. It was otherwise very difficult for me to take out time from daily office routine and complete the entire process but SwitchMe has good knowledge on the procedure and completed the entire process efficiently. I would strongly recommend them.”

Gaurav Goli, Navi Mumbai
Saved Rs. 3,41,598

Bank Of India    SBI
“I signed up with SwitchMe as I was planning to switch my home loan from HDFC to SBI Maxgain. Unfortunately due to my outstanding loan amount I did not qualify for it, but I want to appreciate Abhishek for the way he helped me out with multiple options which can help me save. Not only is he highly knowledgeable, he's also very helpful and clear on communication. I'd definitely recommend these services to my friends.”

Anup Deshpande, Indore
Saved Rs. 4,01,246

“Thanks for your services. My home loan successfully transferred to SBI from LIC. Your Field Executive, Irfan has done a great job. He is an asset to your organization.”

Sankara Narayanan, Bangalore
Saved Rs. 8,60,044

Farhad Palia
“SwitchMe helped us bring down the interest rates of our home loan. Their quick service ensured our peace of mind.”

Farhad Palia, Mumbai
Saved Rs. 11,20,501

Axis Bank    SBI
Sahil Arsiwala
“Thanks to the highly efficient SwitchMe team it all got done from the comfort of my home.”

Sahil Arsiwala, Mumbai
Saved Rs. 5,17,581


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